Welcome to
the hackathon

16th of February → 8am - 5.30pm

A hackathon?

Yes, you read that right, a hackathon. Here at IDPA & XD, we strive to try to come up with a lot of cool sh*t! As digtital natives, we love a good challenge or a challenging topic to work with.

One of our favourite ways to tackle a problem/opportunity is with a good hackathon. Not “capture the flag” or anything technical per sé, but a day full of problem solving and concept development.

You work together wih 5 other people (the teams will be announced in due time) and try to come up with a solution for a given problem.

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What problem?

Every year we try to tackle a problem or a specific topic when it comes to our hackathons. This years topic will be "Digital society". Click the button below to get more information about the theme and the possible use case you will be working with.

By digital society, we mean the digitalisation and how it has changed/shaped/influenced the way we live our lives. Different aspects of society might have gotten changed in a completely different way when compared to others.

We have chosen 6 use cases, of which you will be assigned 1 to work with during the hackathon. Below you will find more details per use case, but we'd like to challenge you to get creative and think outside of the box within the use case to find a problem or opportunity to work around.

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Yes, Capgemini! One of the worlds biggest Information technology & consultancy firms is our proud partner and sponsor. Together with them, we have created this day full with challenging brainstorms, interesting topics and extremely fun prizes you can win.

More on the prizes soon, but for now we'll keep you in the dark about what there is to win, because it would be no fun spoiling every surprise we have in store for you.

Capgemini focusses on sustainability and digital innovations, both of which are a big part of this hackathon. Who knows, if you impress them enough, there might be something in it for you.

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